A Legacy of Mids
In the past decade, the Tube Screamer has continued to evolve with new editions such as the TS7 Tone-Lok, the TS808 reissue, the TS9B—the first Tube Screamer for bass—and the 2010 introduction of the Tube Screamer amp—an ultra-portable, low-wattage amp (available in head and combo versions) that incorporates a selectable Tube Screamer circuit in its preamp. So far, 15-watt head and combo models are available, although models with varying wattages are rumored to be in the works.

Despite the Tube Screamer’s many variations, Ibanez electronics merchandiser Frank Facciolo says its legendary sound is rooted in its characteristic midrange presence. Lomas agrees. “It’s still one of the best things to overdrive any tube amplifier with,” he says. “It just does magical things to tubes.”
Model: TS7
Series: ToneLok
Knob Configuration: Overdrive, Tone, Level
Notes: Knobs can be recessed into the pedal to avoid setting changes or knob breakage. Hot switch adds extra distortion.
Country of Origin: China
Model: TS808 Reissue
Series: N/A
Knob Configuration: Overdrive, Tone, Level
Notes: Faithful reproduction of the original Ts808.
Country of Origin: Japan
Model: TS808HW
Series: N/A
Knob Configuration: Overdrive, Tone, Level
Notes: Handwired version of the TS808. First TS to feature true-bypass switching. Very limited production.
Country of Origin: Japan
Model: TS9B
Series: 9 Series
Knob Configuration: Drive, Level, Bass, Treble, Mix
Notes: First Tube Screamer designed for bassists. Features
a 2-band EQ and a mix control.
Country of Origin: Japan