Minneapolis, Minnesota (August 06, 2014) -- Following up on the company’s highly touted debut pedal – the Warped Vinyl vibrato/chorus – Chase Bliss Audio is once again offering unprecedented digital control in one of their original and creative analog designs. This time it’s the new Wombtone analog phaser pedal, an extremely versatile phaser whose classic vintage tones harken back to the 70s…but it can get plenty weird too.

The Wombtone phaser is ideal for the control freak who demands analog processing in their signal chain. With analog presets, MIDI capability, and ramping or expression control on any parameter, the technology in this pedal bridges the gap between the analog tone many players crave and the modern, digital tweakability that they demand.


  • Six knobs to control Ramp, Volume, Feedback, Rate, Depth and Form
  • ModuShape gives user full control over shape and midpoint of modulation wave
  • Tap Tempo stomp switch with divisions
  • 16 dip switches in back of pedal gives control of ramping parameters and expression
  • Analog Presets that can be recalled on-the-fly via toggle switch or with MIDI controller
  • True bypass via quiet relay switching
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input


Pricing information:
Street $349.99

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