Haight Ashbury, CA (December 1, 2013) -- Tone Tubby, licensed distributor of premium-quality hempcone speakers for acoustic and electric instrument amplification, announced, today, the introduction and distribution of the Chicago Blue 12-inch, 30-watt-rated alnico magnet guitar and acoustic instrument amplifier speaker.

Available in 8-ohm and 16-ohm models, the Chicago Blue features a ribbed hemp cone and 17 oz. alnico magnet. Ideal for a wide variety of musical styles, the Chicago Blue delivers a warm, rich tone with an articulate midrange, smooth highs and a looser, "spongy" feel that offers superb responsiveness for both clean and overdriven playing, when played at lower volumes or pushed into breakup.

"The Chicago Blue is a speaker with a sonic personality that fits players like a well-worn pair of jeans," said Charlie Shapiro, Tone Tubby Technical Marketing Specialist. "It's smooth yet detailed with a clear, 'throaty' quality to the midrange and a bit of a presence peak to give your sound clarity and definition.

Shapiro continued, "It's not a clone of any previous speaker design, and it brings the benefits of alnico magnet speakers to an attractive price point. It's ideal for players who want a speaker that's a little sweet and 'forgiving,' yet has exceptional clarity and detail. Most of all, the Chicago Blue just makes you want to keep on playing."

Chris Siegmund, owner of Siegmund Guitars and Amplifiers noted, "This lower-wattage version of the popular Tone Tubby Red Alnico combines a smaller 17 oz. magnet with a brighter sounding voice coil, giving a livelier response to lower wattages with a throaty, growling, barking low frequency range and sweet glazed definition wrapped in signature hempcone texture."

The Tone Tubby Chicago Blue guitar amp speaker is currently available at a suggested retail price of $179.99.

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