Detroit, MI (December 29th, 2014) -- Red Panda recently introduced the Bitmap, a bitcrusher with fractional bit reduction. A new bit crushing algorithm adds the warmth and grit of classic 8- and 12-bit samplers, while going down to 1-bit resolution for square wave fuzz and dying battery sounds.

The Bitmap is tuned to provide maximum sustain without sputtering on staccato notes. Sample rate reduction turns your guitar into 8-bit video game sounds or twists scales into inharmonic melodies. Sample rate modulation adds subtle motion or morphs your guitar into entirely new textures. Triangle, square, and random modulation are available. The Bitmap works with guitar, bass, synthesizers, drum machines, and other instruments or line level sources.


  • Fractional bit reduction (1-24 bits)
  • Sample rate modulation
  • Expression pedal input for sample rate (CV-compatible)
  • Blend control to maintain bass or add subtle artifacts
  • Input and output gain controls
  • True bypass

$239 street

For more information:
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