Indianapolis, Indiana (February 12, 2016) -- The MT-CD is a standard three-knob arrangement that lets users dial in anything from a mild crunch to a full on incendiary tubepocalypse. When the Gain knob is cranked into its upper range, full-frequency smooth singing distortion rings out on leads, and chords are engulfed in a meaty, chunky tone that oozes power amp breakup tones. The Gain control is actually usable at all positions, and is naturally uncompressed, for a more open sound that truly mimics a set of glowing valves. The single Tone knob helps keep flubby or shrill tones in check by working with your guitar's pickups to drain any mud or rein in any piercing treble that might arise. Like all ModTone pedals, the Classic Valve distortion is housed in a rugged enclosure with true bypass switching, and at a price that is affordable for all musicians.


  • 3-knob arrangement of Vol, Gain and Level
  • True By-Pass switching
  • Rugged Steel housing
  • Metal Jacks
  • 9 Volt AC or DC operation

Price: $60

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