Athens, Greece (April 21, 2016) -- The Athens based and well-established company unleashes the “Ocean” studio quality reverb pedal. Offering 3 types of reverb modes, “Shimmer”, “Hall” and “Spring”. The Ocean was designed to create, a studio quality, classic and ambient reverb textures of sound in a small sized pedal. From thick and endless hall, symphonic shimmers to classic vintage spring reverb.

3 types of reverb: Hall, Shimmer and Spring, fully customized via “Size”, “Diffuse” and “Storm” controls. “Mix” control adjusts the balance between dry and wet signal and you can go from a pure dry signal to a 100% wet signal, no dry at all, ideal for volume swells without the need of volume pedal or guitar volume knob. All these makes the Ocean a versatile pedal ideal for almost any reverb job.

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