Pittsburgh, PA (July 27, 2018) -- These 100 percent analog effects pedals produce a quality, painstakingly refined tone while providing options for the more adventurous player to explore previously unheard sonic worlds.

The Warp Drive is an analog delay offering up to 900ms of delay time, pushing the limits of what's possible with this revered vintage technology. While some analog delays can sound as if you're listening to them over a questionable phone line, the Warp Drive has remarkably clear repeats and significant headroom while still retaining the character that distinguishes these delays from their digital counterparts.

The additional 'Warp' feature varies the delay time based on your playing, allowing for anything from subtle, chorus-types of effects to time jumps that result in distinct 'notes' being added to your playing. While the character of the delay itself makes it unique, when using the more extreme Warp settings the experimentally-inclined amongst you will be creating sounds you've most likely never encountered before from an effects pedal.

The Tremulus Maximus is an extremely versatile amplitude modulator pedal. The optical modulation circuit provides a rich sound, full of harmonic content yet still distinctly warm and analog. The 'Rate' control spans a huge range of modulation frequencies, from sub-audio tremolo well up into the audio range, resulting in an effect similar to ring modulation. A staggering range of timbres can be dialed in across the range of this one knob.

Another unique feature is that the indicator LEDs shine out from a transparent layer near the bottom of the pedal, flashing at the same speed as the modulation rate and with two different colors for the two available waveforms, square and triangle.

Finally, the 'Auto' feature varies the rate automatically with your playing, resulting in either a more dynamic tremolo when used at lower rates, or varying resonances and even pitch jumps when used at higher rates.

Both pedals are equipped with expression pedal inputs: both 'Feedback' and 'Time' for the Warp Drive, and 'Rate' for the Tremulus Maximus. Making use of an expression pedal gives you complete control of these parameters while keeping your hands free to play.

Don't let the fairly simple control schemes of these pedals fool you – each of them is bursting at the seams with possibilities. If you're after a vintage tone with the added option of sonic experimentation, look no further.

Both pedals offer the following features:

  • 100% analog design
  • Expression pedal inputs
  • Die-cast aluminum case
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

The Warp Drive and Tremulus Maximus pedals carry street prices of $299.00 and $220.00, respectively. They’re available directly from the RPS Effects online store at www.rpseffects.com.

Watch the Warp Drive's video demo:

Watch the Tremulus Maximus' video demo:

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