Essential Asheton

This full-set Stooges performance at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival, with Ron Asheton on guitar and Mike Watt on bass, is badass—right from the introduction, where Iggy Pop is referred to as a “leathery exhibitionist pensioner.”

Witness the peanut-butter-smeared mayhem of the original Stooges in this live performance of “T.V. Eye” and “I Feel Alright” from the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival, and absorb the overflowing fuzz from Ron Asheton’s guitar and Dave Alexander’s bass. The performance is comically enhanced with play-by-play commentary from the local affiliate that aired the festival live.

Ron Asheton tells the story of how the Stooges got together and formulated their sound in the first installment of a three-part interview at his mother’s house in Ann Arbor in 1988.