Scotts Valley, CA(May 10, 2011) -- Antares Audio Technologies has announced details of their new ATG-6 Auto-Tune technology for guitar.

Incorporating Auto-Tune pitch detection and manipulation along with Antares' proprietary modeling technologies, ATG-6 is an entirely DSP-based suite of functions that offer everything from flawless intonation to astonishing tonal flexibility to alternate tunings.

The ATG-6's Solid-Tune Intonation system addresses the eternal challenge of maintaining perfect intonation as a guitarist moves up and down the neck and fingers complex chords.

With the Solid-Tune Intonation system, an ATG-6 equipped guitar constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure or physical limitations of the instrument.

Additionally, Solid-Tune is smart enough to know when players intend to manipulate pitch, so they can play bends and vibrato exactly as they always always have. Solid-Tune Intonation even makes it easier to bend to the right pitch every time.

"We're extremely excited by the potential of ATG-6 technology," said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing. "In the same way that Auto-Tune revolutionized vocal production, we feel confident that ATG-6 technology will have a similar impact on playing and recording the electric guitar. We look forward to sharing more details about its many capabilities over the coming weeks and months."

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