If hot-rodding your guitar’s body shape or paint job isn’t your thing, why not go with souped-up body material? The Bell Custom Guitars Jazzblaster Hot Rod features a maple/plexiglass body that has a different tone from a guitar made of pure wood.

“The plexiglass addition isn’t just for show,” Bell designer Paul Reid tells us. “We feel that keeping the pickups, bridge, etc. connected to the wood, then using the plexi to compress and deliver the tone created by the wood, you get more sustain and a very focused tone, in addition to a striking visual effect.”

This guitar is also loaded with hand-wound Amalfitano pickups and user-controlled LEDs that illuminate the plexi wings. The Jazzblaster Hot Rod has a 25.5” scale length, a rosewood fretboard and a 1.695” width at the nut. It also features chrome hardware and a machine-turned stainless steel pickguard and truss rod cover.