Des Moines, IA (January 4, 2012) – Burnishing their reputation for vintagey, mashed-up, slightly incomprehensible guitars, the guys at BilT have created two new models, this time with far fewer knobs.

The BilT El Hombre falls in line with any classic humbucking guitar and sports a 24.75” scale length, Lollar Imperial humbuckers, Tone Pros bridge & stop bar. Also available as the Junior, Jr. option with a single Lollar P-90. Players will appreciate the balanced and comfortable feel along with the exceptional Lollar tone.

The S.S. Zaftig semi-hollow body (or semi-solid as they prefer, hence the S.S.) features a 25.5” scale length, Lollar Regal WR humbuckers and the Mastery Bridge as standard. The S.S. Zaftig is very light weight with a timeless free-flowing hollow body voice.

Designed and built at The Lutherie Shop in Des Moines, Iowa, all models are available for direct order. Base price for the S.S Zaftig is $1850.00, El Hombre is $1650.00.

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