Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2013) – Blackstar Amplification is now offering their top-selling HT-5R & HT-1R guitar tube Amplifiers in Limited Edition Arctic White. The new models–HT-5RW combo, HT1-RW combo, HT-5RSW mini stack and HT-5RHW head with HT112RW cab–have a striking look that features an Arctic White covering with black piping and black grille cloth, as well as a white front panel with black metal knobs and chrome corners.

Under the hood, these limited edition amps function the same as their original versions. The HT-5R amplifier offers real tube sound in a compact format. While the preamp uses a traditional 12AX7 tube, the power section uses the dual-triode 12BH7 tube wired in a push-pull circuit. This configuration produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100 Watt amp, delivering a sound rich in tube harmonics and compression even at the lowest volume levels.

The two-channel (Clean and Overdrive) HT-5R comes complete with reverb, a channel-switching footswitch, and an additional Tone control on the Clean Channel. As with most other Blackstar amps, the patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) works with the three-band EQ to provide new tone-shaping control, enabling guitarists to easily and quickly create both U.K. and USA flavors of sound.

For recording or practicing with headphones, the emulated speaker line output recreates the sonic character of either a 1x12" or a 4x12" speaker cabinet. The Series Effects Loop is equipped with a level switch to match the signal of nearly any external effect processor. A line input is included, allowing the player to jam along with a CD, MP3, etc.

HT-1R is an ideal studio and practice amp. It packs all the tone and many of the innovative features of the award-winning HT-5 tube amp into a 1-Watt format. This includes the Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which works with the three-band EQ to provide guitarists with new tone-shaping control, enabling them to quickly create both U.K. and USA flavors of sound.

The Blackstar Arctic White amplifiers will be available February 2013 with U.S. Street pricing as follows:

HT5RW combo – $499.99
HT1RW combo – $319.99
HT5RSW mini stack – $779.99
HT5RHW – $429.99
HT112RW cabinet – $219.99

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