Santa Cruz, CA (July 10, 2013) -- Carvin is excited to debut the next generation of bolt-neck basses, the PB4 and PB5 Classic Bolt-Neck Basses. These exciting new instruments take the looks that bassists appreciate, and combines them with contemporary features as found on other Carvin basses. The PB4 and PB5 are more than just another take on a classic design; Carvin's locking bass bridge, premium hand-selected tone woods, sculpted neck heel, and new split-coil alnico pickup make the PB4 and PB5 true player's basses, with exceptional playability and tone combined with unsurpassed made in the USA quality.

The passive SCP split-coil P-type humbucking pickup is designed for both 4 and 5 string basses. Each coil incorporates a single large Alnico V magnet and vintage plain enamel wire is used for its sweet and natural well-rounded bottom end, full punchy mids and dynamic highs. The single alnico magnet means that you won't get any signal drop off like you do from a conventional P-type pickup if the strings are not perfectly centered between the pole pieces. Controls consist of a master volume control and tone control. You can add a single coil jazz-style pickup in the bridge position of your PB4 or PB5 for a P/J pickup configuration. The P/J pickup option can be ordered with active or passive electronics, giving you a wide range of tones suitable for all style of music.

Like all Carvin Custom Shop instruments, you can choose from a complete selection of options, including body, neck, fingerboard and exotic top woods; solid, translucent and deep finishes; inlays and fretwire; hardware color and much more. You can order your new PB4 or PB5 exactly the way you want it, to suit your personal aesthetics and playing style.

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