Eau Claire, WI (November 15, 2011) -- Dwarfcraft Devices has announced the Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas, or SOMMS pedal. They say, "For SOMMS, we looked back at our squarewave synths, Thumping Double Squaresnakes and Rot Yr Brain and thought, 'Well, we could squash these together into a super synth of limitless evil.'"

SOMMS features four oscillators, one low frequency rhythmic driver, one fine tunable audio drone, and a pair of squealing singers controlled via joystick. These are all mixed via a network of volume knobs.

SOMMS is available now for an MSRP of $275.

Watch a crazy demo from Dwarfcraft:

With the introduction of the SOMMS, Dwarfcraft has also announced their intent to discontinue their Bit Mangler, Synth Mangler, and Dream Mangler pedals at the end of 2011. Says Dwarfcraft, "The creator of the Manglers, Devi Ever has no current plans to continue production of these, so grab 'em while you can!"

For more information: