Shoreline, WA (April 10, 2013) -- Fastback Amplifiers latest release is the Custom 22 S/C amplifier. The custom 22 S/C has a huge variety of sounds in a 22 watt package, able to play at conversation volume or push a 4x12 cabinet. Similar pre-amp circuit to the Fastback 100 watt, but a power section based on NOS 6V6 power tubes. Designed to capture the best of the '60s-'80s tones, from glassy clean chime, to strong overdrive tones. The dual 6V6 cathode biased power section produces 22 watts at full power, or 10 watts at the flip of a switch. Punchier and bolder at full power, creamy and smooth at half power. The balance of volume in this amp can take you from practice room, to the stage and into the studio.

The five position "Voicing" control alters the tone stack to give you five classic settings. 1. AC30, 2. Blackface Fender, 3. '59 Bassman/JTM 45, 4. '68 Plexi and 5. '72 Super Lead. This amp features 100% hand wired military spec components on 1/8” thick G10 fiberglass epoxy circuit board with USA made transformers. three 12AX7 and two NOS 6V6 cathode biased tubes from the 1950’s through 1970. Selectable rotary impedance selector on rear panel, 4,8,16 ohm output. Baltic Birch cabinet constructed with finger joints for maximum strength wrapped in a heavy duty tolex.

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