Jack Deville Electronics CL3 : AUX and [: tap tap :]
Jack Deville Electronics debuted two innovative devices that expand on their successful Click-Less True-Bypass product line. One is the CL3 : AUX, a 3-button switcher for all Eventide pedals, twin pedals from Boss and DigiTech (including the Jam Man, Expression Factory, Jimi Hendrix, and Brian May), loopers, and more. By putting functions at your feet that are otherwise buried in menus or require programming, the Deville CL3 : AUX offers musicians hands-free operation of their most sophisticated boxes. The CL3 : AUX, which contains three Click-Less True-Bypass switches, has a $59 street price.

The tiny Deville [: tap tap :] works with any device that provides tap tempo, and gives you immediate access to a dedicated tap-tempo button via its single CLTBS switch. According to Deville, the $29 box is perfect for Boss DD series pedals.
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