Neck Pain
“If you turn your head to the left all the time because you’re looking at the frets, you’re more likely to turn a vertebrae in your lower neck and get it stuck to the right, which is going to make all the muscles in the right shoulder weaker than the muscles of the left,” says Dennis. Stretch your neck by turning your head to the right.

Dennis also recommends stretching in the “child’s pose,” which stretches the lower back and strengthens the neck. Lucy demonstrates:

How to do it:
  • Begin by simply turning your head fully in the opposite direction you normally look. Bring your head back to facing forward, and slowly repeat the stretch.
  • Stretch in the “child’s pose” by sitting on the floor on your knees and your bottom resting on your heels (shins flat against the floor). 
  • Stretch out your arms and lean as far forward as you can with your back, while keeping your lower body anchored and your neck straight—your head should be “floating,” not bent down and resting on the floor.