France (January 15, 2013) -- Jacques Pedals has announced a new breakthrough in the world of effect pedals, the Trinity Wah. The pedal is a combination envelope filter, auto wah, and wah wah in one compact pedal and unique dome foot controller. Modes include:

  • Classic Wah: Thanks to its dedicated dome controller, the Trinity can be used as a wah wah pedal. The unique Trinity wah tone is more vowel-like and more human than any other wah. Adjust the Q factor with the Manual knob to come back to classic wah tone.
  • Stuck Wah: Getting a "stuck wah" tone is easy on the Trinity, and control of this type of effect has never been easier - from throaty "Money for Nothing" to squealing hard rock tones.
  • Filter Wah: The Trinity offers an incredible rendition of the envelope filter tone with a complete range of controls for a dramatic effect that's usable in any setting.
  • Auto Wah: The Trinity has a full-function auto-wah with rate and depth controls, that can range to the boundaries of flanger and phasing. The foot controller can be used to slowly bypass the effect as well.
  • In Betweens: As a pure analog device, the Trinity can be anywhere between two settings.
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