North Collins, NY (January 12, 2013) -- Lightning Boy Audio (LBA) recently announced the latest addition to its pedal FX line, the “Bolt Bender”, Tube EQ.

“Bolt Bender” is the ultimate in transparent equalization for electric instruments. It features a passive Baxandall EQ circuit with bass and treble controls. The 4 paper in oil capacitors include a Lightning Boy Audio signature handmade “Thunder Cap”, and are driven by a NOS 12AU7 tube for the most organic sounding equalization ever offered in an instrument FX pedal.

For those looking for even more EQ options, “Bolt Bender” is expandable with the addition of a LBA “Sidecar Controller”. By connecting an optional controller, a variety of different EQ circuits can be accessed, turning “Bolt Bender” into a complete powerhouse of tonal manipulation. (Optional Sidecar is not necessary for normal operation)

The first LBA “Sidecar Controller” to be released at the same time as “Bolt Bender” is the “MikeyQ”. This three band inductor based passive EQ controller is very unique in that it is subtractive only; quite a different approach to equalization than what is currently available in other EQs. The controls include; volume, high, low, and mid cut, mid Q (bandwidth) and a two-way mid frequency selector. Through the use of inductors and paper in oil capacitors, “MikeyQ” delivers ultra-transparent mastering-grade equalization with very low signal loss. Each Sidecar module ships with a connector cable built with Mogami microphone cable and Neutrick 1/4" TRS connectors.

“Bolt Bender” is available for $249.00 (US) and “MickeyQ” for $89.00 (US) exclusively through the Lightning Boy Audio online store.

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