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Dave Kilminster

Nicknamed "Rose," Kilminster's main guitar is used for most of the show's electric parts other than in "Hey You." It has a swamp ash body with a maple neck, a Seymour Duncan Custom bridge pickup, Suhr Fletcher Landau single-coils, and a Suhr tremolo and tuners which are now out of production.

Kilminster uses a duo of 50-watt Mercury amps. Brunetti added a wattage switch for him so he could run them at 20-watts, which Kilminster still describes as, "ridiculously loud." He EQs the amps fairly flat and uses both heads in stereo.

Dave uses an Eventide TimeFactor, Boss CE-2 Chorus Ensemble, Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Suhr Riot distortion, Wah, Ernie Ball VP JR, and Boss TU-2 Tuner, as well as a Boss PSM-5 power supply and master switch pedal, which is used to control the rackmounted delays.