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Roger Waters

His main instrument since the 1970s, Waters uses this P-bass for all of his bass parts on the show. It's the model his signature model is based on. He uses Rotosound 66 strings. Waters keeps a clone of this guitar made by the Fender Custom Shop as a backup and he also has a clone with a rosewood neck that's used only for the front of the stage, where the instruments are supposed to be dark.

Waters uses an Ampeg SVT-6 Pro, with one spare, through three 4x10 cabs rewired to 8 ohms (two running with one spare). The same system is used throughout the Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall tours.

This is Waters' original Pete Cornish-built board that was built for him just before the original Wall album in 1980. It's kept in the back and controlled by his guitar tech. While he used to use the phaser and echo, he now primarily uses the Bassballs circuit as the delays are controlled via rackmounted TC Electronic units.