Port Orchard, WA(July 20, 2011) -- Sheptone Guitar Pickups announced the release of their revised “Blue Sky” pickups. The Blue Sky set is a set of humbucker pickups built to emulate the tone of Dickey Betts’ famous goldtop guitar and appropriately named after the Allman Brothers Band hit song, “Blue Sky." To add vintage appeal, the Blue Sky set is also available in a fully-aged finish at an additional cost.

Alnico 4 Magnets and a different coil offset were selected to attain the "drier" tone of these specific pickups. Each bobbin is molded from actual, vintage PAF bobbins. The nickel-silver base plates are reverse engineered from a collection of vintage models. So detailed, they actually include the original tool markings and are stamped exclusively for Sheptone. Most every part of these pickups has been fabricated here at the Sheptone shop, or exclusively for Sheptone to ensure the most accurate PAF replica available.


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