1. Simul-Class Power Toggle Switch
A half-power option appears on the POWER SWITCH and gives you a choice of 90 watts of Simul-Class Power—where one pair of the stock 6L6 run in Class AB and one pair run in CLASS A—or 45 watts of Class A power for a lower threshold of power clip.

2. Mode Selector Mini Toggle Switch
The Mode switch allows you to switch between three separate modes: VINTAGE HI, CLEAN AND VINTAGE LO.

The “black face era” inspired CLEAN Mode delivers the low gain sweet, sparkling chording sounds that originally put Fullerton, CA. on the Tone map. Mesa/Boogie’s patented output scheme blanches out harsh frequencies and enhances the beautiful even-order harmonics and sub-low breath.

The Electra-Dyne pays tribute to the classic British circuits with the medium gain punch of VINTAGE LO. The input is routed to a separate input tube, a different set of pots and a whole different signal path dishes out Classic Rock with enhanced levels of nuance. This LO Mode is delivers medium gain crunch chording and when cranked, will saturate without losing its aggressive attack and chesty thump.

Selecting VINTAGE HI unveils a new take on the custom-modified British theme and delivers liquid, molten gain. More tube stages are added and circuitry flipped to create this Boogie-ized, Simul-Class rendering of a modified English amp, with huge crunch chords and soaring single note sounds.

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