Montreal, Quebec (November 30, 2012) – SolidGoldFX proudly announces the relaunch of their highly successful Surf Rider and Electroman pedals. Both pedals have received a complete cosmetic makeover with a pair of highly attractive enclosures while added features on the Surf Rider Deluxe deliver a wider range of tones. Pricing on these handmade pedals has also been reduced to street at $199.00.

The Surf Rider Deluxe is the new incarnation of SolidGoldFX’s best-selling Surf Rider spring reverb emulation pedal. Inspired by early 60’s Fender Reverb Tanks, the pedal is designed to deliver anything from mild to heavy spring reverb tones with low noise. It now comes wrapped in a hue of translucent ocean blue over a raw aluminum case with updated silkscreened wave graphic and aged white knobs. New features include a reverb boost switch and internal trim pot allowing for dual reverb level settings, and an expression pedal input for on the fly reverb depth adjustments. Other features include true bypass switching, a resonance control to fine tune the reverb decay and a tone control affecting only the wet signal for warm and dark to bright and splashy reverb tones.

The Electroman is an analog voiced delay with up to 600ms. It features Level, Repeat, Tone and Time knobs along with true bypass switching, an FX Loop and momentary Warp switch. The Warp switch sends the delay into self-oscillation allowing the user to create delay swells, stutters, lush walls of sound and feedback. The Tone control can add warmth or deliver a more transparent delay tone and the FX Loop is there to add external effects such as overdrive or modulation to the delay signal. The Electroman now comes in a beautiful metallic sparkle green case with a bold new silkscreened graphic.

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