Clifton, NJ (April 4, 2012) – Due to popular demand Tech 21 has announced the SansAmp Classic is back.

The SansAmp Classic features a bank of eight Character switches to adjust tonality, harmonics and dynamics; a 3-position input switch offers a choice of pre-amp styles; and four knob controls to shape pre-amp contours, power amp contours, volume and final tone.

The original SansAmp Classic is B. Andrew Barta’s innovative invention which debuted in 1989. Never intending on becoming a manufacturer, Barta initially tried selling his technology to some of the major manufacturers and was repeatedly turned down. Unable to abandon his idea, Barta set out on his own and pioneered the direct recording movement. Currently, the SansAmp is available in 17 different models, including 8 in their SansAmp Character Series line.

The Tech 21 SansAmp Classic is available for $375.00.

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