Guitar Amps

Atma 18

The new 18-watt, 3-channel, EL84-powered Atma features a compact aluminum enclosure and has a power attenuator down to 1 watt. Other features include an effects loop, a matching aluminum-and-wood cabinet, and tones that vary from Fender-y cleans to ’70s grind and higher-gain realms.

Crazy Tube Circuits

Crazy Tube Circuits from Greece made their NAMM debut this year, bringing four way-cool new pedals and this new amp—which was one of the most unique and dynamic-sounding boxes we heard at the show. The single-channel Paradox isn’t just powered by EL84s—it uses two of them in its preamp and one as a phase inverter, too. The result is a tone that’s articulate, sparkling, and gritty, but with tons of loud headroom. The left-hand input reduces output to 12 watts for a spongier, more laid-back tone, while the right-hand output dishes out 18 watts and also features a rear-panel switch for boosting mids and treble.

Immix Eleven Amplification
V-Series 30

The completely redesigned V-Series 30 is powered by four EL84s and features two channels. Channel 1 uses an EF86 preamp tube and has a 6-position tone selector and a brightness cut knob. Channel 2 uses three 12AX7s and a 3-band EQ section. The color control lets you select the shade of the isolated LEDs that illuminate the logo panel as well, which definitely makes it a contender in the most-stylish amp sweeps.


After several years of painstaking research into what made vintage models so unique, Magnatone returned to NAMM with a line of six new amps, each of which sounded spectacular. Pictured here is the 22-watt, twin-6V6-powered Twilighter 1x12 combo. And yeah, it has that delicious pitch-shift vibrato and tremolo. While we were at the booth, the Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson stopped in and effortlessly conjured sounds from creamy to crunchy—and loud!

Phil Jones
AirPulse One Eight

This new little amp that could packs 500 watts of power, a 3-band EQ, and a convection cooling system into a 1x8 enclosure with a handsome slotted-metal grille and classy red covering.

Vypyr VIP-2

With 36 amp models, 36 effects (including the interesting “violin” and “slice” settings), and instrument-modeling presets—including 12-string and resonator—Peavey’s new and super-affordable Vypr VIP-2 is bound to be a weapon in bedroom studios everywhere.

Cube Lite

The newest member of the enduring and ever-expanding Cube family, the Cube Lite, includes iOS interfacing that enables you to play and record using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The clean, compact design also makes it about the most inconspicuous little amplifier you’ll ever sneak into the office, too.