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GALLERY: Steely Dan Touring Gear 2011

The guitars, amps, and effects used by Walter Becker and Jon Herington on Steely Dan''s 2011 tour.

Walter Becker's #1 Signature Sadowsky
"Beckerуs main guitar is his signature Walter Becker model Sadowsky. It features custom Lollar P-90 pickups, spalted maple top and swamp ash body. In the neck/middle and middle/bridge settings, the pickups are wired for hum cancelling output. The tiny three-way switch control a special preamp that offers separate buffer and gain boosts. The third knob has a push/pull feature that activates the neck/bridge combination with the 5-way switch in either the neck or bridge positions. All the Sadowsky guitars are strung with Ernie Ball .011s."