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Mojotone Launches the Lerxst Chi Combo

Mojotone Launches the Lerxst Chi Combo

Alex’s signature combo amplifier (also available as a head) the Lerxst Chi is an all-tube 30-watt amp designed to produce pristine cleans and rich, overdriven tones.

"This perfect little monster is great for “tone-to-go” situations, especially if you’re driving a small SUV or Sedan to the gig. Driven by a pair of 6L6 vacuum tubes, the CHI is 30 watts of fun for all guitarists regardless of musical genre."

Mojotone packed a ton of notable features into this amp.

"Guitarists will fall in love with the ability to shape your tone using the Chi’s treble, middle, and bass stack. An added presence control and gain clipping function both add additional layers to the overall sound of the amplifier. Pedal enthusiasts will enjoy the Chi’s tube-buffered FX loop."

MSRP: $1,995.00

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Alex Lifeson Lerxst Chi Amp Demo by Zach Wish — Run the range of Rush riffage! | First Look