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Mojotone Introduces the DW Tomahawk Generation 2 Humbucker

Between the Buried and Me guitarist Dustie Waring collaborated with the company for a new iteration of his signature pickup.

Burgaw, NC (October 30, 2020) -- In collaboration with Between the Buried and Me Guitarist, Dustie Waring, Mojotone is excited to announce the release of Waring's redesigned signature pickup, The DW Tomahawk Gen 2.

The DW Tomahawk Gen 2 was created after Waring toured and recorded with his original pickup for a number of years. There were specific tonal changes Waring wanted to see happen, and after working closely with Mojotone's head pickup engineer, David Shepherd, those changes were implemented.

Waring's vision was to make his pickups more versatile and more compatible with different types of woods and various styles of guitars. With less pronounced mids, clearer and more balanced lows, and a warm top end, the all new DW Tomahawk Gen 2 allows the user's amplifiers and effects pedals to shape the final tone. In other words, the pickup's tonal impression, while balanced and dynamic, is not at all overbearing; it allows for even more overall tonal manipulation.

The pickups will be available at and will also continue to come stock in Waring's Signature PRS guitar - the PRS Dustie Waring CE 24 Floyd.

Watch the company's video demo:

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