Aspen Pittman Releases the Duo Tonic

The Duo Tonic offers incredible touch sensitivity and authentic drive while creating the true cranked-tube sound.

San Fernando, California (January 8, 2016) -- Aspen Pittman Designs has announced the new Duo Tonic Overdrive, an innovative tube-based preamp/overdrive/boost pedal.

Designed by two giants of modern tube technology – Aspen Pittman and Mark Samson – the Duo Tonic allows guitarists to get a true cranked-tube sound in any situation, at any volume.

The Duo Tonic is designed to feed its solid state overdrive side into the tube section. This is both is the key to its sonic diversity and what gives it the ability to emulate the sound of a tube amp getting pushed hard. The solid state side can be used to nudge a tube amp toward saturation. Or you can use the tube section like a new channel on your amplifier, all the while having a separate JRC4558 based overdrive to push any of your tones into crunchier territory. Better yet, use both sides together and let the distortion run wild!

The Duo Tonic pedal features top-quality components inside. The only way to get real tube sound is to use real tubes, and driving the tube channel you'll find a genuine pair of military-spec 6205 pentode tubes. And the overdrive/boost side of the pedal gives you classic mid-hump drive tones thanks to the JRC4558 chip. You’ll get incredible touch sensitivity and that authentic drive that's been used to push tube amps for decades.

The Duo Tonic Guitar Tone Pedal comes from the minds of Aspen Pittman and Mark Samson. Aspen Pittman is the man responsible for starting Groove Tubes, and Mark Samson is known for his boutique quality designs as the head of Matchless Amplification. Both are revered for their contributions to the world of tube amplifiers. The Duo Tonic brings you the sound that comes from their years of experience getting the best performance and sound out of great tube circuits.


  • Designed to give cranked tube amp tones, pushed by an overdrive pedal
  • Two independent channels (tube and overdrive/boost)
  • Contains military-spec 6502 pentode tubes
  • Overdrive/boost section makes the pedal incredibly touch-sensitive


For more information:
Aspen Pittman Designs

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