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AxMax Introduces New Tremolo System

AxMax Introduces New Tremolo System

AxMax has created a new tremolo system that includes drop-D capabilities.

Beaver Dam, WI (August 27, 2013) -- AxMax LLC announces the AxMax Tremolo - the first true Floyd Rose retrofit for electric guitar players. The AxMax Tremolo provides Floyd Rose tremolo users with a true, retrofit whammy bar that is fast and easy to setup, intonate, and fine-tune, while enhancing tone and reliability. Players have reluctantly come to accept the frustrations inherent to owning a Floyd Rose since the 1970s, including purchasing multiple upgrades, complex setup, time-consuming intonation, and limited fine-tuning and reliability.

Inventor Alex Smith of AxMax LLC describes his invention as a “simple solution to a complex problem.” Electric guitar players who retrofit their Floyd Rose with the AxMax Tremolo benefit from built-in “upgrades”, such as 15.5 ounces of solid brass construction, standardized stainless steel hardware and components, and Drop D capability. Stringing up the AxMax Tremolo is fast and easy because the ball ends anchor in the body, eliminating the need for players to fumble around with tools to fine-tune the thumbscrew. Intonating the AxMax Tremolo is seamless and precise because the pressure of the strings holds the intonation blocks in place so you can intonate all six strings at once. Because of it’s v-notched thumbscrews, the AxMax Tremolo allows for tuning on the span of the string, doubling fine tuning capability and enhancing reliability, as compared to the Floyd Rose system.

The AxMax Tremolo is currently available in Brass or Black Brass, complete with 15 ounces solid brass construction, removable knife-edges, standardized stainless steal bolts and hardware, built-in drop D capability, and a full warranty.

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