Bag End Announces the Nebula S15-N Cabinet

A compact, rear vented, single 15" cab.

Algonquin, IL (November 9, 2017) -- Bag End introduces the Nebula S15-N Musical Instrument Loudspeaker. After decades of experience with some of the best musicians and technical designers in the world Bag End takes their classic 15 to new heights. Its the Nebula S15-N a super compact, rear vented, single 15" bass guitar cabinet. It's also great for certain styles of electric guitar and keys, and incredible for upright acoustic bass. The Nebula finish is super durable, water tight, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, chemical resistant and resistant to just about everything you can imagine. It's really strong! It has a beautiful deep purple color, almost black under stage light and it looks cool. Every detail is perfectly engineered and constructed to insure the long life Bag End product are known for.

The S15-N comes with rubber feet on one side and matching feet pockets on the opposite side allowing multiple cabinets to be securely interlocked. Bag End's machined aluminum speaker mounting clamps are strong and secure and allow for easy driver exchange. Flush mounted, coated steel, spring bail handles provide easy handling by keeping hands and wrists away from the cabinet. Cabinets include a rugged 16-gauge powder coated steel grille and flush mounted input plate. It's excellent sound and modest size and weight make it a great choice for a stand alone system for most gigs or as part of a larger multi-way modular system.

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There’s way more to it than simply mastering chords and scales.



  • Understand the importance of structure and space within guitar leads.
  • Learn the power and importance of articulation and motivic development.
  • Construct leads that take the listener on a journey.
{'media': '[rebelmouse-document-pdf 17933 original_filename="MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf" site_id=20368559]', 'media_html': 'MelodicSolos-Jan20.pdf', 'id': 17933, 'type': 'pdf', 'file_original_url': ''}
Take a moment and think of your favorite guitar solo. Can you hear it in your head, note-for-note perfect as if you were listening to the track itself? I’m willing to bet the answer is yes. Indelible guitar solos tend to get lodged in your brain that way. Every practicing guitarist not only strives to play these solos as well as the guitar heroes who composed them, but we all long to craft such a brilliant lead ourselves. The million-dollar question is: Where do you begin when attempting to play the next great, iconic solo? The next “Stairway to Heaven” or “Kid Charlemagne” or “Hotel California”?
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