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BBE Sound Launches SonicMax Pro HD-Quality Music Player App

BBE Sound Launches SonicMax Pro HD-Quality Music Player App

The app is designed to restore warmth, clarity, and definition to audio played on iPhones and iPads using BBE''s Sonic Maximizer pro audio technology.

Huntington Beach, CA (November 29, 2011) — BBE Sound, Inc., a leading developer of advanced sound technologies today announced their first app release for the iOS—SonicMax Pro, an extension of their critically acclaimed Sonic Maximizer professional audio gear. SonicMax Pro is designed to deliver a superior HD-quality audio experience from any earbuds, headphones, dock or speaker.

“We’ve taken our detailed, impactful concert sound technology that musicians have come to rely on and engineered it to fit in the palm of the hand.” Explains David McLaren, Executive Vice President, “With SonicMax Pro, BBE isn’t going to change how people listen to music. We’re going to change their expectations of how great music can sound—with the simple tap of a button.”

The mobile phone has become the most common way to listen to music, yet it is the least sophisticated in terms of music quality. BBE’s Sonic Maximizer technology has been adapted to rack systems, stomp boxes and studio recording software. The iPhone was the next logical step.

“For 25 years, BBE has been helping musicians sound their best in the studio and on stage. With SonicMax Pro, we can make their music sound its best on-the-go, too," added McLaren.

SonicMax Pro includes several features from BBE’s HD-audio technology suite: Lo Contour, BBE Process, iSet, Sound Field Expansion, and Mach3Bass. The app comes preprogrammed with audio presets optimized for today’s most common listening devices — earbuds, headphones, docks, and external speakers. These presets can be fine-tuned by the listener to suit his/her personal taste. SonicMax Pro also provides three additional presets for users to customize.

SonicMax Pro is available at the iPhone App Store for $4.99.

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