The new fuzz pedals come in germanium and silicon flavors.

Shelton, CT (July 27, 2018) -- Big Joe Stomp Box Company is announcing the release of two new fuzz pedals. The brand new Freakshow Fuzz pedals come in two different configurations, one with a germanium transistor and the other with silicon and will be available on Halloween 2018.

The Freakshow Germanium Fuzz is highly responsive, fat sounding, and harmonically-rich. It features two 1960s NOS matched transistors that produce a perfect vintage-style fuzz that one would expect from such a pedal.

The silicon version is the way to go for players seeking more assertive-sounding fuzz. It’s brighter overall, has a modern sound, increased gain, and is tailor-made for more aggressive styles of music.

Both pedals feature external bias and trim controls, offering flexibility with symmetry, gain structure, and clipping. A selectable input impedance buffer circuit offers a brighter sound, but also helps remove high-end roll off and oscillation that can occur when Fuzz is not placed first in the signal chain.

Each Freakshow Fuzz pedal carries with it a specific voicing that is well-suited for various musical styles. They also have enough flexibility to be fine tuned and tailored to the individual player’s needs, with respect to both sound and signal chain preferences.


  • Tone, Fuzz, and Output Controls
  • Germanium or Silicon Transistors
  • External Bias & Trim Controls
  • Selectable Input Impedance Buffer

B-313 GERMANIUM: $189.95 MSRP

B-312 SILICON: $149.95 MSRP

Watch the Freakshow Fuzz Silicon video demo:

Watch the Freakshow Fuzz Germanium video demo:

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