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Bogner Unveils the La Grange Overdrive/Boost Pedal

The wide variety of controls and switches give you decades of legendary plexi tones.

Los Angeles, CA (June 10, 2016) -- Adding to the company’s line of cutting-edge effects pedals, Bogner Amplification has unveiled the La Grange overdrive/boost.

Designed by legendary tone guru Reinhold Bogner, the La Grange pedal is designed to emulate the famous British "Plexi" amplifiers from the mid sixties. The wide variety of controls and switches give you decades of legendary plexi tones, all the way up to the era of the modded amps from the late eighties and throughout the nineties.

An independent boost function, with a level control, can be activated via its own foot-switch to be either used as a standalone boost, or together with the La Grange's main circuitry. Essentially two independent pedals, with the boost being in series after the La Grange!

Reinhold Bogner designed the La Grange pedal with an op-amp input, followed by five discrete Class A gain stages and incorporated Germanium diode clipping. This approach minimizes the input noise floor while retaining touch sensitivity and clarity throughout the entire gain range.

The La Grange pedal is powered by a standard 9V battery or 9VDC power supply. Reinhold’s advanced circuitry internally elevates the voltage to a substantially higher level. The higher voltage provides a greater dynamic range which closely resembles the feel of a real amplifier; therefore, running the pedal above 9VDC will not improve dynamics and it is not recommended.


  • True bypass
  • Independent boost with level control
  • Master Controls: volume, tone, channel blend and gain controls
  • Channel Blend simulates the two channels of a four input 67-69 plexi amplifier
  • 3 position gain switch for low (plexi), medium (normal) and high (modded) gain structure
  • Variac mode for "brown sound", added dynamic compression with enhanced harmonics
  • 2 position presence switch for overall brightness
  • 3 position structure switch for a tight focused, fat loose or in between sound and feel
  • Jacks: input, output and exp. for foot controllable gain via the output of a volume pedal
  • Low Battery Indicators: LEDs blink when battery voltage drops below critical threshold
  • Premium components include: Double sided gold plated circuit boards, German WIMA capacitors, Japanese Nichicon capacitors and gold plated relays, Carling switches and more

The La Grange carries a street price of $249.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

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