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Boss Announces the RV-6 Reverb and DD-500 Digital Delay

Boss Announces the RV-6 Reverb and DD-500 Digital Delay

The RV-6’s auto-switching jacks support mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo-to-stereo operation.

BOSS (Booth #924) is pleased to announce the RV-6, an all-new compact reverb pedal with studio-grade sound. Powered by cutting-edge technology and the legendary tone expertise of BOSS engineers, the RV-6 makes it simple for guitarists to dial up inspiring reverb tones for any song or style.

With its high-end audio quality, wide-ranging versatility and ease of use, the RV-6 takes stompbox reverb to a new level of performance. Users can select among eight distinctive reverb types, which feature newly developed algorithms driven by the latest BOSS DSP.

Reverb types include standards such as Room, Hall, Plate and Spring, providing a broad selection of tones to complement any musical genre. Also on hand are powerful Modulate, Dynamic, Shimmer and Reverb+Delay types, which offer the lush, expansive reverb sounds sought by many modern players.

Using the RV-6 is quick and intuitive—just select a sound mode, tweak the Time, Tone and Level knobs to taste, and play. But despite its simple operation, the RV-6’s sound is rich and sophisticated. Each mode includes a huge range of detailed internal reverb parameters, all perfectly tuned for guitar by BOSS with direct input from pro players and sound engineers. Even as the selected mode is adjusted with the Time and Tone knobs, many parameters are simultaneously balanced inside to create the ideal voicing for every setting.

The RV-6’s convenient auto-switching jacks support mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo-to-stereo operation, allowing users to integrate with any pedal chain. And by plugging into the B input only, the RV-6 outputs a 100-percent wet sound, great for working with more complex rigs that employ parallel processing chains and mixers. There’s also a jack for controlling the effect level in real time via an optional expression pedal.

BOSS (Booth #924) introduces the versatile DD-500 digital delay pedal. Filled with newly developed BOSS technology, this stompbox offers 12 distinctive delay modes and superior audio quality, along with deep editing controls, a graphic display, patch memories, MIDI and much more. Small in size but large in creative potential, the DD-500 allows musicians to create any delay sound they can imagine.

The DD-500 delivers its sophisticated sound-making capabilities in a compact design that fits easily on any pedalboard. Each delay mode has been carefully crafted for a unique sonic personality and highly musical tones at every setting, realized by high-powered DSP running at 32-bit/96 kHz.

Included among the DD-500’s 12 modes are basic delays, warm analog and tape echo types, pattern-based effects, and complex modern delay lines that employ pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique processing. The pedal’s Vintage Digital mode offers BOSS’s first emulations of sought-after classics from the 1980s, including the legendary SDE-2000 and SDE-3000 rack units from Roland and the BOSS DD-2, the first stompbox digital delay.

Hands-on knobs allow users to quickly shape essential parameters and create sounds right away. Each delay type also includes a semi-parametric four-band EQ, modulation, ducking, and many other parameters, enabling a huge range of tonal refinement. The large, integrated LCD fully supports the DD-500’s capabilities, providing clear visibility of delay time, patch ID, and more on one screen, plus intuitive navigation for detailed parameter tweaks, naming, and system management.

Freely assignable controls enable extensive creative expression and performance flexibility. By default, the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches provide control for two patches, bypass, bank selection, tap tempo and more. However, they can be customized to operate in alternate ways, such as providing top-level access to three different delay patches, or controlling various real-time functions like Warp, Twist and many others. Additional parameters can be controlled via an optional expression pedal or external switches, and MIDI I/O opens up even more options with advanced setups.

long with its other capabilities, the DD-500 includes an independent Phrase Loop function with up to 60 seconds of stereo recording time (120 seconds in mono). On board USB provides a simple computer connection for patch backup and MIDI control with DAW software.

The DD-500 features a 100-percent analog dry signal path, and users have their choice of buffered-bypass or true-bypass operation. Able to run on four AA-size batteries or an optional AC adapter, the DD-500 is equally suited for grab-and-go playing, pedalboard installations, and studio setups.

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