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Buffalo FX Unveils the Ram's Head

Buffalo FX Unveils the Ram's Head

Buffalo FX has released their version of a mid-seventies muff, the Ram's Head.

Toulouse, France (June 13, 2013) -- A sonic replica of a mid 70’s muff, it aims to capture the sound and feel of the sought after classic. The dirty work is performed by gain selected NOS BC239c transistors as found in many of the originals.

The Ram’s head is true to the original; only 2 component changes have been made giving it slightly more mids and a more open top end.

Steve at Buffalo says “I didn’t want to deviate too far from the original; they were and will continue to be great pedals. This one is easier to use in a band situation due to some minor changes, and pedal board friendly but there’s still the heart of a 40yr old pedal inside.”

Like all Buffalo pedals the Ram’s Head is 100% hand made by Steve using high quality materials and components.

Street: €155

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