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Carl Martin Introduces New Effects

Carl Martin Introduces New Effects

Carl Marin announces the Rock Bug, Paraloop, Buff Deluxe, Route Box and Match Box

Clifton, NJ (July 17, 2009) -- Carl Martin announces five new additions to effects line this summer.

Rock Bug
The Carl Martin Rock Bug is an Amp/Speaker Simulator and Headphone rehearsal unit that operates on a single 9v battery. It can be used with a MP3, CD or DAT player, and can be connected to a mixing console for recording. Light in weight, the Rock Bug can make it to all your gigs hassle-free.

The Paraloop is designed for use in most amplifier serial loops. It features a mix control knob for a wet/dry blend as well as a bypass switch. The Paraloop is designed to help maintain your guitar's analogue tone without all the digital conversions.

Buff Deluxe 
The Buff Deluxe is a dual signal buffer from high to low impedance with a tuner out and mute switch. It is designed to work in conjunction with several true bypass effects. This dual buffer helps avoid high note loss that sometimes occurs when using several true bypass effects at once. The tuner out and mute switch is an extra bonus to avoid the tuner being part of the signal chain, and the mute switch for convenient silent guitar tuning.

Route Box
The Route Box is an A/B box for routing two guitars to two amps. The Route Box is ideal in situations where both an acoustic and electric guitar are being used, but only one pedalboard is available. The A/B box allows you to easily plug into the two amps. 

Match Box 
The Match Box allows you to connect two instruments to one amp selector. With it's select switch, you can easily switch between two instruments while still being able to adjust the gain.

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