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Carr Amplifiers Introduces the Mercury V

Carr Amplifiers Introduces the Mercury V

A 16-watt combo packed with features.

Pittsboro, NC (December 20, 2016) -- In 2003 Vintage Guitar’s Carr Mercury cover story exclaimed "Tone of the Gods." Now, 13 years later, the amp that started the full-featured, low-powered, attenuated combo revolution returns!

The Mercury V, older British cousin of our award-winning Skylark, is back with a highly evolved feature set borrowing the best of the past while rocketing into the future. The Mercury V is highly touch sensitive with a huge range of English tones from '60s aggressive clean thru '70s rock into '80s and '90s tasty crunch. Our built-in attenuator delivers real power tube overdrive at whisper levels retaining the feel and juice of full volume fun. Like recording on your computer? Just plug the Mercury V line out into your A/D interface and go. The Luscious Spring Reverb, full-ranging overdrive options, and effective tone controls make the Mercury V an invaluable recording tool. Home player? Experience big-amp satisfaction with domestic tranquility. Gigging musician? 16 burly watts in full power means the Mercury V is a commanding stage amp. Plus, you get everything Carr is known for: in-house crafted solid pine dovetailed cabinets, bleeding-edge power supply components mixed with mid-century signal elements, and true point-to-point wiring.


  • 16 Watts full output
  • 3-position boost switch: British '60s thru '90s output tube overdrive
  • Dual volume controls: Classic parallel or modded series toggle
  • Jupiter Mustard signal caps
  • Built-in switchable attenuator 16/3 to 0 watts
  • Analysis Plus and Transparent cable
  • 3-Band tone stack
  • Recording/PA line out
  • Celestion Creamback M-65 12"speaker
  • Custom Carr Transformers
  • All NC yellow pine cabinet
  • Spring/tube Reverb
  • Two 6V6 power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes

Retail/Street $2530 1-12 Combo - $2490 Head

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