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Catalinbread Introduces the Galileo Pedal

The Pro Guitar Shop exclusive aims for the giant Brian May "wall of AC30s" tone.

Portland, OR (July 25, 2012) – When Pro Guitar Shop approached Catalinbread with the idea of recreating that giant, elusive sound Brian May gets from his wall of modified Vox AC30s, they said “Hell Yeah!,” and put their genius to work to create the Galileo. And what a magnificent pedal it is! A hot overdrive circuit rings out with all of the rich, creamy, 3-dimensional tone of an AC30, with a dedicated, fine-tuned treble boost in front to push it all into the domain of THAT sound.

Volume, Bass, Treble and Gain controls gives you a broad sweep of that singularly expressive overdrive while the Top Boost control lets you dial in all of the high end definition you need to rule your own creative realm. Two footswitches give you the flexibility to operate the overdrive with or without the top boost, or to use only the top boost to put the edge on your already overdriven amp. All of this sonic joyride is housed in a single majestic gold pedal decorated with the well-earned insignia of rock and roll royalty.

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