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Cheap Tricks That Make You Sound Fast! - July '20 Ex. 16

Over the years, the EHX Deluxe Memory Man has undergone a number of changes, including the AC mains cable, internal transformer, and rectifier being swapped out for a 24 V DC input. Here‘s the latest version, and …

Pedal users often get a sense of “mojo” from their stomps, but how technical is that magic? In the end, it may just come down to personal experience.

When an instrument, amplifier, or pedal seemingly has a certain magic to it, we often say it has “mojo.” The word “mojo” has very old roots, but came to relative prominence in America during the mid 20th century. There was a renaissance several decades later with the release of the hard-hitting spy documentary franchise, Austin Powers. It has come to represent anything empowering and special, but also connotes something ephemeral that can be found or lost.

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A bookmatched maple top glued and clamped up.

The type of glue a builder uses can make a big difference in their process, but when it comes to tone, does it matter?

Guitarists searching for their ultimate instrument are an interesting bunch. So many factors to consider, so much energy to expend on the journey towards guitar nirvana. A player may be satisfied with a certain shape—like a Flying V or Explorer. Others are obsessed with pickups, hardware, fretboard radius, scale length, or fret size. I’d venture that most of us consider a lot of these things and more when choosing a guitar. But there is a certain place in my heart for those infatuated with the type of glue used to construct a potential purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not listening to Ford Thurston and thinking what he needs is a little more hide glue in his tone, but somebody might be. This obsession probably stems from the mythology of vintage instruments more than any sonic observations.

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The third edition of Blackstar’s best-selling valve amplifier range.

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