Circus Freak Music announce the launch of their first four pedals to tone freaks worldwide: The Bearded Lady Fuzztone, The Lion Tamer Compressor, The Pickled Punk Distortion and the Tattooed Lady Overdrive.

Grand Rapids, MI (Feburary 6, 2013) -- Circus Freak Music, the producers of fine guitar
stomp boxes, announce the launch of their first four pedals to tone freaks worldwide: The Bearded Lady
Fuzztone, The Lion Tamer Compressor, The Pickled Punk Distortion and the Tattooed Lady Overdrive.

"We are excited to unleash “the Freaks” to the musician community,” said Circus Freak Music CEO
Shannon Near. “By combining expert engineering, one of a kind branding and artwork, and most
importantly - exceptional tone - we know they’ll be part of the discerning musician’s pedal board for a
long time to come.”

This is the first product release from Circus Freak Music, and they plan to produce and release other high
quality guitar and keyboard effects in the next 6-12 months.

“We cannot wait to get our products to the market,“ said tone engineer AJ Dunning, President of Circus
Freak. “We are proud of the effort our team puts in for each pedal, and know that we’ll accommodate all
musicians looking for quality products and unique tone.”

The Bearded Lady Fuzz Tone

Full Germanium Transistor Circuit Produces Gentle Clipping Fuzz Tones, From Subtle Fuzz To Massive Deep Muff. The Bearded Lady Is Ideal For The player Who Desires The Tonal Qualities Of A Straight Germanium Based Fuzz Effect With The Added Versatility Of External Biasing. Most Likely The Last Fuzz You Will Ever Need… She’s Hairy In A Good Way!


  • NOS military spec germanium transistor circuitry
  • 3-stage gain structure
  • External bias adjustment
  • MSRP: $179.99

The Pickled Pun Distortion Pedal

Pickled Punk Is A Full-On Distortion Pedal Great For 80s-90s Style Higher Gain Tones. Separate Volume, Distortion, And Tone Controls Give Wide Control Over The Signal. Crank The Levels To Get Modern, Almost Processed Like Tones. Dial It Back To Get Crunchy Overdrive Like Tones. It’s Pickled, Not Puckered!

  • High gain circuitry
  • Great vintage and modern distortion tones
  • MSRP: $179.99

The Tattooed Lady Overdrive Pedal

The Tattooed Lady Is A Superbly Balanced Overdrive. Featuring Independent Bass And Treble Controls
To Help Shape Your Tone When Applied With The Gain Control. The Tattooed Lady Is Capable Of Heavy
Crunch Tones And As Importantly Cleans Up Nicely With Excellent Pick Sensitivity. She’s A Beauty!

  • Wide dynamic overdrive tones
  • Excellent touch sensitivity
  • Independent bass and treble control
  • MSRP: $179.99

The Lion Tamer Compressor

Incredibly versatile compressor with excellent low-end preservation. Three knob configuration allows
easy control of compression ratio, attack, and sustain duration without unnecessarily complicated signal
robbing designs. This compressor is excellent for subtle limiting to highly compressed, aggressive attack
tones with tons of sustain and of coarse, everything in-between!

  • Versatile 3 knob configuration
  • Dynamic compression without low-end roll off
  • Very wide attack range
  • Loads of sustain without sputtering
  • MSRP: $179.99

For more information:
Circus Freak Music

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