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Cog Effects Announces the Tarkin and Grand Tarkin

So much more than just Green Russian tones.

South Yorkshire (April 15, 2016) -- The new mk2 Tarkin has been squeezed into the 1590A size format and features additional LPF and HPF switches to change the shape of the filters making up the Tone control. This allows sculpting of the mids and a flexible fuzz for guitar and bass.

In addition to this, internal switching of the clipping style adds further control over the sound, even allowing removal of either set of diodes, meaning the user can dial in so much more than just Green Russian tones.

The Grand Tarkin Bass Fuzz features the same Mids and Tone knob combo from the original, as well as the filtered clean blend that helped the mk1 to create such huge fuzz tones. In addition to this, there are two pairs of Clean Level and Fuzz Level controls and an extra footswitch to switch between the two settings on the fly during a song.

Each Tarkin and Grand Tarkin is built one at a time and features true bypass switching, engraved aluminium enclosure and no PCB-mounted jacks - designed and engineered for a life on the road.

Tom George is the man behind Cog Effects, "My goal with the Tarkin range has always been to make solid fuzzes for the gigging guitarist and bassist, and the improvements to the mk2 models make these two very flexible and worth a spot on any pedalboard."


  • Flexible control sets and pedalboard-friendly designs
  • CNC-engraved Hammond 1590A and 1590BB Aluminium Enclosures
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9-volt standard DC input

The Tarkin retails at £130, the Grant Tarkin retails at £160 and all Cog Effects pedals are built in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Watch the company's video demo:

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