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Cort Expands its KX Series With the 7-string KX500FF

Cort Expands its KX Series With the 7-string KX500FF

The guitars' fanned frets provide a 25.5" to 27" multiscale neck.

Seoul, South Korea (January 22, 2018) -- With the new 7-string KX500FF, Cort expands its KX Series of electric guitars for players who appreciate modern upgrades to classic design. The KX500FF offers updated hardware, a double-cutaway for easy access to the neck, and a new-to-series fanned-fret design that improves tonal depth and clarity. Expertly crafted, the KX500FF is as sonically powerful as it looks.

The KX500FF’s sleek EMG 707 pickups set it apart from other guitars in its category. Since their debut more than 15 years ago, EMG 707s have led the pack of 7-string guitar pickups. Players can strum or pick confidently as the 707s eliminate the problem of a muddy low B string that often lacks rich harmonic character and definition.

The KX500FF’s fanned frets provide a 25.5" to 27" multiscale and further strengthen the low B, allowing for even string tension and tone. A single hardtail bridge with string-thru-body design improves resonance and sustain. When each of the seven strings resonates clearly, the player achieves more precise tone and definition. A volume knob, tone knob and three-way toggle switch provide further control, while locking machineheads improve tuning stability as well as facilitate easy and fast string changes.

The KX500FF is esthetically designed to match its sonic boldness. This model is available in two colors, Star Dust Black (SDB) and Star Dust Green (SDG), each created with a Poplar Burl top on Swamp Ash body. The neck is 5-piece Maple inlaid with two long streaks of Purpleheart, an exotic Latin American wood that adds a splash of color. A Madagascar Ebony fingerboard corresponds to the black binding and black nickel hardware.

Check out the new KX500FF at NAMM, booth #5215

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