Cort Introduces the 5-string A5 Plus SCFF Bass

The A5 Plus SCFF’s fanned frets form the foundation of this 34" to 35.5" multi-scale instrument.

Seoul, South Korea (March 19, 2018) -- Cort Guitars knows that sophisticated players are serious about their tone. With each addition to the Artisan line of electric bass guitars, Cort offers excellent workmanship and world-class materials to meet high expectations. Cort’s new five-string A5 Plus SCFF model follows this tradition by offering a new take on premium wood tones and a new-to-series multiscale fanned-fret design. The combination of these features, along with premium electronics and hardware, offers players a sleek bass guitar with excellent depth and range.

The A5 Plus SCFF’s fanned frets form the foundation of this 34’’ to 35.5’’multiscale instrument. This design modification and a corresponding single-string hardtail bridge improve tension and enhance the tonal response of each string. The A5 Plus SCFF also incorporates the series neck-thru-body construction that allows strings to vibrate across the neck and body in a coherent, linear manner, maximizing tightness of the low-end with rich mids and singing highs.

Tonal balance is also achieved with the A5 Plus SCFF’s high-quality materials. The lightweight yet solid Swamp Ash body with spalted Maple top provides a strong, fundamental low-end resonance and a clear high-end. This complements the high-midrange and treble of the 5-piece Maple and Panga Panga neck. The exotic Panga Panga is also used on the 24-fret fingerboard, and strong Walnut is used for binding. Cort allows these materials to shine both sonically and esthetically with OPN (open-pore natural) and OPTG (open-pore trans grey) finishes. Platinum hardware adds a rock-steady flair while Hipshot Ultralight Tuners result in 30% weight reduction over regular tuners and improved balance and tuning accuracy.

Like other Cort Artisan basses, the A5 Plus SCFF is equipped with Bartolini electronics. Bartolini MK-1 pickups deliver a superbly balanced sound, while the corresponding Bartolini MK-1 preamp provides a powerful yet transparent boost along with a trademark crisp high-end. The MK-1 transfers the bass’s natural liveliness through a flexible 3-band equalizer for a variety of applications ranging from studio recording to large concert halls. It also provides a switchable active/passive mode for a powerful, modern active sound or an organic, traditional passive sound.

Players who value excellent workmanship and reliability gig after gig will want to check out Cort’s A5 Plus SCFF. They’ll be able to protect their purchase, at $1499 USD, with an included hard case.

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