A preamp, signal processor, and headphone amplifier all in a desktop-friendly design.

London, UK (October 23, 2020) -- UK-based audio innovators Cranborne Audio are pleased to announce the availability of their Camden EC1. This combination preamp, signal processor, and headphone amplifier all in a half-rack, desktop friendly design, makes the ideal expansion for those who want to level up their home or project studio.

“We designed Camden EC1 to make it easy for musicians, vocalists, podcasters and video producers to achieve elite-quality recordings and reference headphone critical listening,” says Sean Karpowicz, Managing Director and Founder. “Camden's unprecedented performance allows you to vastly improve the quality of your tracks,” says Elliott Thomas, Product Manager. “Using its ‘Mojo’ control, Camden EC1 goes from extraordinarily clean and natural sounding, to thick, vintage-style analogue saturation that can add that ‘magic colour’ to your tracks.”

In addition, the Camden EC1’s reference-quality headphone amplifier and independent, 4-channel line mixer allows for zero-latency monitoring using headphones directly from the front panel.

For recording guitars, the Camden EC1 combines a Hi-Z instrument circuit with a dedicated 1/4-inch link output making it the perfect solution for re-amping guitars and basses, either in studio or on stage.

Finally, Camden EC1 also uses Cranborne Audio’s unique C.A.S.T. system for distributing audio around the studio using affordable Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cabling.


“Engineered and designed under the Cranborne team’s watchful eyes,” continued Karpowicz, “Camden EC1 features elite audio specifications and application-based features that defy its price tag and is accessible for professional, project, and home studio engineers.”

Watch the company's video demo:

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