The updated fuzz features NOS germanium CV7003 transistors while the Memphis is a pitch-shifting vibrato inspired by vintage Magnatone amps.

Athens, Greece (December 17, 2020) -- For this limited run of our Constellation Fuzz we sourced and hand selected through sound auditions the most beautiful sounding NOS germanium CV7003 transistors (military spec OC44) made in the UK by Texas Instruments in 1968.


  • FF: a tribute to the most copied fuzz circuit. VTB: inspired by the Italian made fuzz circuit
  • 3/2: voiced after the mythical circuit knows as MK1.5
  • 2: the soaring gain 3-transistor fuzz circuit
  • RM: a treble booster as close as it gets to the real thing
  • RMFF: a tailor made RM into a FF. A future classic combination!

Each pedal is built by hand, one at a time in our workshop in Athens, Greece and comes in a beautiful laser-etched aluminum enclosure and natural stained wooden box.

MAP: 299 Euro

Memphis is a real pitch-shifting amp style vibrato inspired by Magnatone amps of yesteryear. Based on the same circuit as its big brother, Killer V, it features an all analog LFO and true-to-the-original- amp 2-stage pitch shifting circuit powered from an internal voltage multiplier for high headroom and improved dynamic response. A clean period-correct preamp with up to 20db boost takes you back to the late 50s / early 60s.

With the intensity and speed knobs you can add a subtle shimmer , or a pronounced 3D acoustic image and musical feel with ear- pleasing vibrato effect for instant classic Lonnie Mack or Robert Ward sounds!

ALL WET – DRY / WET toggle switch selects between 100% modulated signal or places the dry unmodulated signal in parallel with the modulated signal. The latter setup was found in some of the original amps through “stereo” inputs and yields whirling phaser / vibe sounds.

MAP : 155 Euro

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