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Crimsontone Releases New Line of Pedals

Crimsontone Releases New Line of Pedals

The first four of the series are the Nero Fuzz, Rosso Overdrive, Tono Shaper, and Luna Boost.

Mesa, AZ (November 5, 2014) -- Crimsontone Amps has always been a customer-focused, hand-built amp maker, striving for purity and quality of tone, as well as character and style. That simple approach continues in the newly developed family of compact effects pedals now being offered. We’re proud to introduce the first four models of our new line: Nero, Rosso, Tono and Luna.

Each of these pedals is meticulously hand-wired using the same methods as our amplifiers. All the components are selected for their quality, character and tonality to complement each unique circuit design, and matched for consistency from one build to the next.

Nero Overdrive

  • An LM741 opamp-based overdrive circuit designed as a hybrid of the ’70’s “script logo” MXR Distortion+ and Microamp (no diode clipping)
  • Tones range from warm and transparent boost to high gain distorton
  • Interactive Volume and Gain controls produce a broad paleae of overdrive tones
  • A low-pass Tone control helps attenuate high frequencies

Rosso Fuzz

  • A three-stage silicon transistor fuzz circuit with soft diode clipping
  • Tones range from dirty boost, to thick, but articulate fuzz
  • Interactive Volume and Gain controls produce a broad palette of overdrive to fuzz tones
  • A single Tone control cuts high end and smoothes out the low end as it’s attenuated

Tono Shaper

  • A transistor based two-band Baxandall style tone stack circuit with boost
  • High and Low frequency boost/cut shelving EQ with two selectable cut-off frequencies on each band
  • Tonally neutral when engaged with 12 o’clock segngs on all controls
  • Master Volume control for an overall cut or boost of output

Luna Boost

  • A single-stage transistor boost circuit
  • Singular Gain knob increases volume and slight drive at higher settings
  • Adds sparkle and definiTon to your tone, even at lowest segng (no volume increase)
  • Compact size is perfect for crowded or smaller pedalboards

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