D'Addario Introduces "Build a Pick" Customization Site

D’Addario announces the release of the Planet Waves do-it-yourself guitar pick customizing website, BuildAPick.com.

Farmingdale, NY (February 13, 2013) -- D’Addario, the industry’s leading music accessory manufacturer, is excited to announce the release of the Planet Waves do-it-yourself guitar pick customizing website - BuildAPick.com. Whether you’re looking to promote yourself, your band, or an event, Build A Pick’s personalized process lets you connect with your fans loud and clear.

Build A Pick’s easy-to-use interface allows bands to print custom designs on D’Addario/Planet Waves Celluloid guitar picks, which are then packaged in bulk bags of 100 picks. Guitarists can choose between four gauges with four-color double-sided printing for complete creativity.

“We’re excited about Build A Pick because its such a small yet powerful tool for people to get themselves really noticed,” exclaims Rob Cunningham, Planet Waves Product Manager. “It’s an easy, creative, and memorable way to break through the clutter.”

With competitive pricing and quantity discounts, as well as free domestic shipping sent out within five business days, D’Addario continuously strives to inspire everyone to reach for the highest levels of performance and make Build A Pick your number one stop for custom picks.

For more information:
Build A Pick

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