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Deep Space Devices Releases the Radio Bright Ring-Mod Delay

Deep Space Devices Releases the Radio Bright Ring-Mod Delay

Ring modulation, delay, subtle arpeggio effects, and more in a feature-packed pedal.

Gadsden, AL (October 4, 2019) -- –Deep Space Devices has been known for their dirt and octave glitch effects but finally, they have something that better fits their name, the Radio Bright Ring Mod delay.

The Radio Bright has many features with the ringmod going into the delay trails but is also proven to contain tremolo and subtle arp characteristics.

With six knobs providing detailed control of the effect and the two toggles, you have the ability to control it to it being a bit-crushing delay to an arp tremolo trailed delay. As for the momentary footswitch, you’ll experience a slow ramping effect to the delay when held. With the Radio Bright, you’ll have endless options of creating unique and ambient soundscapes.

The Radio Bright offers the following features:

  • Six knobs:
  • Delay Mix - Controls overall presence of delay.
  • Time - Controls the delay time.
  • Feedback - Controls the number of repeats.
  • Intensity - Controls overall presence of ring mod.
  • Frequency - Controls frequency ranging from 450hz to 4.7khz.
  • Rate - Controls speed of the sample rate of ring mod.
  • Two Toggles: Reg/Mod and Sine/Square.

In reg position, the delay mix will become the main focus for the effect. While having the right toggle in the up (square) position, the arp effect becomes present and is controlled with the bottom knobs. In down position (sine), a subtle oscillator becomes present providing warble effects in the background of the mix. In mod position, the ring mod/crush effect becomes fully present. While having the right toggle in the up (square) position, the ring mod will act as a choppy tremolo that can be slowed down up to 4 seconds. In down position (sine), the ring mod will act as a tremolo but in a more subtle way.

  • Die-cast titanium cases offer exceptional durability for all players
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt operation, 110ma, standard DC input

The Radio Bright pedal carry street prices of $199.00 and can be purchased directly from the Deep Space Devices online store at

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